Pradeep Anandraj

Aspiring Shopify Developer
I am planning to learn Shopify Development here. However, I would not overlook the opportunities I can get in the form of Content Creator, HTML Email Developer etc

Shopify Development + aspire to learn to integrate cryptocurrency payment gateway and selling NFTs

I am Pradeep. I live in Melbourne. I used to be an Oracle Database Administrator around 8 years ago. Currently, I am beginning to learn web development from scratch. I have some milestones like learning content development, html email development(if possible), shopify theme development, later shopify app development. Meanwhile, at some stage, I would like to learn 1. to integrate cryptocurrency payment gateway with shopify 
2. to make, buy, sell NFTs on shopify

However, I do not know, what are the prerequisites required to do these tasks. Happy to take advice from others or collaborate. Therefore I have decided to learn the basics first. 
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