Adrian Thomas

Frontend Dev at LTK
Hey, thanks for checking out my profile. I'm a Frontend DEV at LTK. I currently work with Vue but have used React, and Angular, as well as Swift and some Objective C for mobile. Just looking to network and build my skillset.

Hey folks 👋🏿, I'm Adrian

Eyy people.

I'm Adrian.  
Frontend dev transitioning to full stack developer.  
I'm basically here looking to not only learn but specifically learn how I can leverage the skills I know to make money on the side, especially getting out of working for someone and working for myself and be able to live comfortably.

I've worked with Angular, React, and now with my current job, Vue. 
Also worked with Postgres, SQL, and a little bit of Oracle. 
Done mobile programming with Swift and React Native, and I've done a few other things. 

Been in this game for about 5 years or so.  

Anyhoo, long supporter of CodingPhase.  

Happy to contribute to the community if I can. 

Peace y'all. 
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