Michael Squire Obeng

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Hi friends! I'm a web developer. I enjoy running, watching sci-fi and learning about new technologies.

If you're stuck, give me a shout and I'll help you out

if I'm not on here send me a message on my website

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Portfolio review

I started working on this last week.  My old one needed an improvement.  Its not complete but I'd still like some feedback.

I'm going to be using it to apply for React, Wordpress or Shopify jobs.  I think I'll be good once I get 2 projects done with each.  Ive got two with wordpress, halfway done with a Next.js Saas.  Any ideas on what I could do for the other three projects?


I feel like I should mention in case any beginners come across this. 

I've been coding for a minute. Started in December 2016, joined CodingPhase about a year later.  It shouldn't have taken me this long to get to where I'm at.  I'm the dude thats been stuck in CodingPhase correctional facilty 😜.  Follow the career paths ask questions and work hard and you WILL see results.
Don't do what I did. jumping from place to place.  All you need is Codingphase and the documentation of whatever your learning and you'll be good.✌️

Also its never too early to start applying. Don't reject yourself, leave that to the hiring manager.
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