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First JOB no experience

Some of ya'll may have seen my post on disc or the YT streams. I got my first job with no on the job coding experience. I just followed the curriculum on codingphase. 

On my interview I was completely honest and just said I know html, css, and that I was focusing on solidifying my JS.  I was asked what I thought of the site I would be working on and I did what Joe does and just looked at it with dev tools on chrome the night before to prepare. I told them that it was made responsive using bootstrap. They asked me what I thought was the best way to make the site responsive if the site completely broke and I responded by saying I would just look up the bootstrap documentation to fix it, or I could just re do it using CSS grid and media queries. 

I was told if I was extended an offer I would just need to update and edit basic things. Mainly updating profiles for doctors and updating some colors and fonts. Eventually I would be working with the marketing person to add content.

I received an offer letter yesterday and I gladly accepted. I'm so hyped. I don't know anybody who looks like me who is doing this stuff. I know there is but I just don't know them or see them. I'm from the hood and we don't have developers, but we do have people who look and talk like Joe. Thanks and god bless yall.
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Much love from Chicago. Just trying to be part of the community that is making a difference in my life.
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