Luis Mancebo

Web Developer
Greetings everyone..I’m a web developer . I love to play basketball, baseball and watch YouTube videos.

**Hostinger Packages**

  Wassup guys. I was browsing on hostinger and they have a single shared hosting plan for 1.39 per month. Does that plan allow me to upload my portfolio online? 

**Editing Dev Tools**

  Hello guys. When I click inspect and dev tools opens up, how do I edit the code. When I right click and there is no select all and I don`t see an option to copy and paste. I want to paste it on visual studio code so I can edit the code. Thank you bye.


 Wassup..Do I need to have hosting and domain name before I create the landing pages?.. What sites do you guys recommend??


 Wassup guys..Im working on a landing page and I need to add separate columns..Please can someone come thru and help me..Thanks.

**Hey everyone**

 Im going to start building my landing pages. What landing pages does Joe recommend we create for html emails?.
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**Greetings y’all..I have some questions**

Waddup..when I go on inspect element where do I go to adjust the size of the photos?.. Also if I write <Div class: body, background-color: brown etc..and if I write <Div class: footer, color: blue etc and <Div class: header, color: green..if I do it like that can I change the colors for the footer,  the header and the entire background?..Thank you I appreciate it.
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