Ruben Esquivel

Web Designer / Developer

1,000 - 6,000 Customer

Wow I feel super lucky a potential customer just emailed me and he said he wants a website that has 25 products. I asked him how he found me and he said from google which is crazy because i built my portfolio website to land a job (which it did) and now i just got a good potential customer from it.

My question is how much should i charge him if he said his budget is 1,000 - 6k? Im thinking i should charge $3500? Also he said he wants me to give a quote including hosting? So does that mean the hosting needs to be under my name?

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Is it Better to Show A Couple Websites or a Lot?

Been working as a web designer / developer for the past year. There all just static websites (no frameworks) so im wondering should I show a bunch websites I built to show i have experience or just pick 5 of the best ones?
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Should I add this Hookup / Dating Site to my Portfolio?

Hello I like my job but majority of the websites we built is X Rated. So I cant use majority of the websites I built for my portoflio. I added this website to my portoflio but wondering if it is too much because it says Hookup Community Etc..
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