Patrick Pierre

Shopify Developer
Hello everyone, I am a web developer that is niched in the e-commerce space. I am currently trying to break into Shopify development but love to talk about topics related to e-commerce and front end technologies.

Running Ads to get new Web Dev Clients

As I'm sure most of you know, one of the most difficult things to figure out when you get started freelancing is how to get clients while building your brand as a freelancer.

To those of you who have run ads successfully to get new clients, did you find more success pitching your services directly in the ad and landing page, or did you try to collect emails and then pitch your services later?
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Hello From Queens New York

Hey everyone, let's all share resources with each other and make each other better developers.

My name is Patrick and I am a freelance developer based in New York. I am trying to break into Shopify Development and currently work on WordPress projects for small businesses as an independent contractor.
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